What's your wishlist?


If you could have anything added to the game, removed or changed what would they be?
Be as descriptive as you can.

1 - Crafting: Allow us to craft better item’s, by consuming lower tier versions.
(5x Barbarian Hands [U] > 1x Barbarian Hands [R])

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Crafting: Allow us to craft better item’s, by consuming lower tier versions.
(5x Barbarian Hands [U] > 1x Barbarian Hands [R])

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Buffs need a visual marker on the characters when active.

Damage-boosting buffs will display on a new attack that shows up for an ally, but if you don’t use that ally, then the boosted numbers are wrong. I don’t like that. The numbers impacted should show up while active, but if the buff drops, then the damage numbers should display back to normal.

Finishing attacks should still display the damage done on screen.

Raids should display what loot you got when hitting the tier. I don’t mean in the log. I mean in the display that scrolls up with the gold and XP earned. I’ll add more to my wish list later.

Update: Here’s another–allow me to level up allies I have assigned to a formation from within said formation.


Gear - a way to upgrade would be amazing, even if it costs gold as well as old gear.

Gear - additional ways to get high level gear. Common/Uncommon is obtainable, but rare and above are exceptionally difficult.

UI - allow more ally sorting options - e.g. by physical or class.

UI - display more ally information on screen. Right now I have to select each ally to see details and it is hard to design teams without writing things down.

UI - better formation interface. It is awkward to create formations because you cannot see the available allies until you select a slot and you cannot see what types of allies a formation uses until you select the formation. Displaying more information would help.

UI - better display of gear in individual ally screen. Right now I have to select each location to figure out if there is better gear and see stats of what is equipped.

UI - auto-remove/auto-add (just pick random highest) all gear option - it is frustrating to manually have to do this for each ally.

UI - better display of statistics for Allies. That is, break out how the main character stats impact Allies, display appropriately adjusted skill damages.

UI - leveling. Provide a popup when leveling that displays statistic changes. This is fairly standard in most games. Please implement it. Right now I see some sparkles on the screen but I cannot tell what has changed.

UI - Monsters - display more statistics, e.g. health, damage, armor, abilities. It is very frustrating to not be able to tell how much damage you will do or take except by guess work.

Healing - it does not scale. This is a problem as monsters hit harder and allies have more health. Have it scale, even if slowly to remain useful.

Monsters - why do they always attack everyone? It would add a level of strategy to have monsters attack differently. It could be by monster type (e.g. this one attacks all, this one attacks one), or perhaps by location - front row attacks all (maybe takes more damage), middle row attacks 50% (maybe takes normal damage, round fraction), back row attacks 1 (takes/receives less damage?). This would also encourage greater use of movement abilities.

Movement ability - It can be of use, but why does it cost an action after the first move in a combat? It basically means you will use it once a combat because forgoing an attack is almost never worth it. Perhaps let it be used once every few rounds - a cool down like monster attacks?

Provoke - it is useful, but having the provoker be hit with all attacks severely reduces usefulness. It also means that as team size increases, provoke usefulness decreases. E.g. team size 4 means provoker takes 4 hits, team size 2 means it only takes 2 hits.

Medals - several characters can only be obtained by spending cash, and two Elyssa and I think Scrollkeeper are not available at all. I am hoping this changes as more areas are released. However, it would be nice to have a statement that all characters are eventually obtainable without cash. Along the same lines, it would be helpful to rotate what medals could be purchased with gold to allow opportunities to acquire all heroes.

Events - tying in to the above gear/medals, additional events would dramatically improve game play. i.e. the Community Event raid, the Guild Campaign are fun and anticipated, but there should be more. Perhaps a wandering merchant that sells rare+ gear or ally medals (even a random roll) for gold, or announced additional weekly campaigns/raids/quests that give players something to anticipate. Right now, I am not sure when the next community raid will happen or special event so I am not sure if there is anything to look forward to experiencing.

Dead Allies - having them clog the action sequence is incredibly frustrating. Please reconsider this mechanic. You have already lost all their abilities… that it now prevents you from playing skills is aggravating.

Combat - partial solution to the dead ally skills, and adding more variety, perhaps allow one free skill discard a turn? It would make certain allies that have situational abilities a lot more useful. Having a skill field with only non-attacks e.g. enhance, weaken, provoke, etc. can be really frustrating.

I really like the game, I like how the energy system allows me to play without too much restriction, I like seeing the allies become more powerful, and I want to see it develop further, but there are several aspects that feel unfinished. Right now the game itself plays smoothly, but in terms of mechanics, UI, and overall experience it still feels like a beta product.

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Thank you for such a thorough list. Several of these issues are being changed in the next patch, and most are on our radar already for future fixes. We are always working towards improving the game and appreciate the feedback.


Thank you! I look forward to updates. :slight_smile:


sell the thousands of unused gear to get some money back to gamble for medals


Gem only Allies - For allies that are gem only, can you please make these direct purchase only or atleast have the option to directly purchase them?


Allow guild members in campaign when not defeated in a group to move to other groups to help finish them and then it will truly use the full force of the guild.