So, what now?


Now that we’ve lost the bulk of the dev team and tech staff for DotD:A, what happens now? I feel like we’re getting mixed messages here. “5PG can’t support continued development, but don’t worry, DotD:A isn’t going away.” “5PG has had to let go the core dev team for Ascension, but you’ll still see new content, just slower.”

Pardon my frustration, but which is it? In a game that was fairly slow to progress in (as far as storyline and new areas being released) already, is new development actually going to continue, but even slower? Or is continued development no longer supported? Can we get some clear answers, please?

Seeing as the only devs who consistently answered these forums have now been “let go,” I doubt it. And since whomever took over for them probably wants to keep their job, I doubt their answers will be any different from the mixed messages we’ve seen before. Therefore, what I’d most like to see is a direct answer from whatever level of 5PG management made the decision to cut the dev and tech personnel in the first place. Is DotD:A dead or not?


Much as I’d like to say otherwise DotD as a whole is probably not going to make it to 2021. It certainly doesn’t sound like the company has any plans for it given they are moving ahead with two new games.

"COPENHAGEN, November 5th, 2019: 5th Planet Games A/S (OAX: FIVEPG) has a clear
ambition of becoming a profitable company. But we must also admit that so far,
we have failed in delivering profitability, including in Q4, 2019 due to a
disappointing performance of Dawn of the Dragons: Ascension.

We have therefore decided to cut our cost base significantly. The logic is as

a. Today we are burning approximately DKK 1,700,000 per month.

In order to reduce this amount significantly, we have decided to implement the
following cost-saving actions:

b. Close down our Rocklin studio, which will result in savings of DKK 800,000
per month.

c. Cut costs in our Copenhagen office, which will result in savings of DKK
150,000 per month.

When the above-mentioned initiatives in Rocklin and Copenhagen has been fully
implemented, it will leave our offices with a monthly burn rate of DKK 150,000
in Copenhagen and DKK 600,000 in Berlin.

With the upcoming releases of the Doodle Jump game, currently in soft launch, in
February 2020 (new date) and the Adventures of Tintin game in March 2020, we
believe that we have implemented the short-term actions necessary to close this
now much smaller gap between costs and revenue, and thereby reach profitability."