So... Open Beta, huh?


Open Beta… But can’t find the game anywhere? Someone wanna gimme a little nudge on this one in regards to what or where or why lol. Played the OG DotD for awhile. Curious to give this one a go.


Open beta is only on Android right now. Searching on Google will lead you to the app store or an APK.

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More of an “open” beta, we are still restricting access to a small amount of people as we test certain bits of content and changes.

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Well, get on that OPEN beta instead of “open” lol. Hopefully doesn’t take long or can get into the “open” group.


Any estimates as to when the game will be available to non-Google Play users? Also, will it be on other platforms while still in open beta or will it come to them afterwards?

Looking forward to being able to try it out.


Or perhaps an ETA of when it will be actually Open Beta? Lol. When I Google DOTD Ascension and takes me to the Google Play Store it says Not Compatible With Your Device. And I tried it on multiple devices. Even PC Android Emulators lol. So, yeah, any guesses on when we can actually get going on Ascending?


Plenty of guesses! Officially we don’t have a release date at the time. But the plan is to release this year


Well, in that case, will there be any openings for people to get into the “open” Beta group any time soon?


I don’t have knowledge of when or how many slots are open, there is a team handling that stuff and I really just get the data after the tests. Sorry I cant help.

(totally secret hint, wait for a new patch to appear in the patch notes and try your luck then, that’s most likely when new groups will open)


Also hello NinjaFlick! Long time no see.

We are only doing the google beta because it allows us to iterate things faster and easier than on iOS. further plans than that are still being discussed, we will announce if/when anything changes on that front.


Any hints on when a new patch will appear? :smirk: :upside_down_face:




rip tm


Hey Schnzy, good to see you, too! Totally understand not wanting to deal with Apple, I know from experience what a pain they can be. I’m really excited to see what you guys have been cooking up here, but I can be patient.

Or try to be.

Maybe I need a new phone, tired of my iphone anyway…


reeeee. I just wanna get into the beta and play lmao. Any news or updates for us?


I always recommend getting away from the proprietary fruit company.