Raids drops


Are raids just dropping the tier rewards as we pass them or do we need to do something to get them? If they drop as we pass a tier could we get something that lets us know what equipment dropped?


At one point we were receiving an in-game message with the raid rewards. but i have not received this in quite sometime.


I get a little sliding banner thing on the right that tells me when I’ve reached a new tier.


I get that to but what I looking for is some notice of what the equipment drop was.


We changed the notification to a slider so it didn’t interrupt the normal flow of the feature. Having to close a bunch of popups as you gain tiers was a slower process. We can look into adding a notification for what equipment piece you received.

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Nothing new, where are the rewards of the raids ? what do we do to get them ?


@Amenophis – This is something the Devs need to improve on communication, whether in the logs (whereby that info STAYS in the logs,), or other means.

That said, when you hit a raid tier, you instantly get whatever loot for said tier. So if its gold, your gold will go up by the amount stated in the tier reward. If it is a gear drop, that will now be in your inventory.