Question about Instances


Thanks to the game going active on Kartridge I’m now able to try it out. I’m just getting started, and I don’t quite get how instances are supposed to work. Am I supposed to hit one path, let another player hit the other, and then one of us kills the boss?

Because right now I can solo a path and kill the boss no problem, and then it’s gone. Granted I’m only able to try Kasan’s Folly, and maybe this one is so weak that it’s not a good example. Do later instances need both (or more) paths killed? Or are these just an opportunity to share loot with someone?

Any insight is appreciated. Thanks!


They are intended to be shared, each person completing a path and working on the boss together. As you get stronger you will of course be able to handle them on your own (the first few are pretty easy), however the best rewards are tied to “100% completion” which requires each path be completed. So while you can solo you will get more by doing it as a group.


Ah, cool. Thanks for the quick response. I though maybe one person took a turn, and then another completed it. It requires some chatting to coordinate timing, then.

And both players can enter the boss at the same time? I guess I’ll have to find someone to take the second slot to see how it works.


A general rule of thumb is whatever position you join in is the path you take. Leader is first path. So on so on