Problem logging in on Kartridge


Logging in to the game on Kartridge does not always work, sometimes it hangs on the main splash screen and just gets stuck. You have to quit out and re-launch the game, often several times, before it grabs on to the server and logs you in.

Is it possible to get a ‘retry’ button or something like it so that you can try to log in again when it fails? It gets annoying to quit out and re-launch over and over again.



Hi NinjaFlick!

Long time no see! Sorry to hear that the game is getting stuck on the splash page. Is the “focus” on the actual game window while you are loading? In the current build the game doesn’t “run” in the background. So if you have clicked away from the game it won’t load properly until you move focus back to the window. We have this hopefully fixed for the next build (it just hasn’t hit testing yet).


Hey Tails!

Yeah, it happens when the game is the active window. I think it’s having trouble grabbing the server because when it connects correctly I get an indicator that I’m on server 6 in the lower right corner right before the game loads. But when it gets stuck that indicator never shows up.


Awesome, thank you for the clarification. I’ll make sure we get a bug in for it.