Patch Notes 9/24/19 (Ver 1.0.3)



  • Improved scrolling for standalone platforms
  • Updated mail claiming flow to reduce friction
    • System now auto-deletes messages after claiming loot
  • Updated UI for quest dialogue to better fit player responses
  • Updated reward chests to new animation style chest
  • Updated player profile bag page to have a cleaner layout
  • Added a minimal victory window when a quest doesn’t award loot in an instance
  • Updated level up page to add more clarity
  • Added animation to summoning of new allies

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed out of stamina popups displaying incorrectly
  • Removed extra error popups from claiming loot in mail
  • Selecting a completed campaign node no longer presents the reward gain float
  • Fixed compounding loot rewards for campaigns tier and leaderboards
  • Fixed campaign battle group UI to allow players to get into each battle group
  • Fixed campaign loot mail to have better phrasing
  • Fixed issue where users could click past the gauntlet pointer in tutorial which led to confusion on what to do
  • Updated max guild level to display properly
  • Fixed missing icon image for multiple quest instances
  • Fixed punctuation error with player name in Bog Warden quest
  • Equipment badging should now display the correct number of new items on the badge
  • Fixed description for glance severity and glance mitigation being the same
  • Loading screen should now wait properly to allow all assets to load before displaying the next scene
  • Fixed equipment page not allowing players to scroll beyond 4 rows
  • Fixed insufficient funds error when trying to create a guild
  • Fixed issue with victory window causing errors
  • Fixed issue with enemy starting with low health in Siltwater Pools

Known Issues

  • “No Auth Token” error still persists but we have added more tracking to help us identify the issue
  • Scaling issues with Facebook Gameroom window

Update the app to access the new content. This can take some time to populate in the store for different areas of the world. Hang in there, we are excited too!