Patch Notes 7/15/19 (Ver 0.03.7)



  • Players can now skip the shop animation to see items quicker
  • Added more battle backgrounds to better represent area you are fighting in
  • Updated info windows for all item types to better use the space and be more legible
  • More badging has been added! (more to come)
    • now appears on the Quest Nav button to indicate a completed quest is ready to turn in
    • Player Profile is now badged when you have stat points to spend
      • Distribute button is also badged
    • Ally button badged when you can summon or rank up an ally
  • Key stats have been renamed to be more clear and better represent its function
    • Strength is now Physical Attack
    • Toughness is now Physical Defense
    • Will is now Magic Attack
    • Spirit is now Magic Defense
  • All Ability descriptions have been rewritten to be more correct, concise, and consistent and to reflect the name changes.
  • Comma separators have been added for the numbers throughout the game
  • Cleaned up equipment page UI for clarity/useability
  • Cleaned up pre-instance select page for clarity/useability
  • Updated ally leveling process
    • You can now use a slider (or -/+ buttons) to select the level you wish to reach
    • Amount of potions and gold to be used will be automatically calculated to reach desired level
  • Added visual effects for receiving Exp, gold, gems, and loot in instances
  • Added visual effect for equipping items
  • Added visual effect for distributing stats
  • Changed bottom nav bar and icons to increase visibility and useability


  • New ally! Chaddeus the Gnome Wizard
    • We feel this magical attacker will fit better in the early game experience than our tanky friend and so Chaddeus is replacing Bajeel Sunbraid in the Baird solo and group instance drops and has been added to the shop in the Standard Equipment and Medals
    • Bajeel medals are still available in the shop, and she has also replaced Shora in the Baird raids, Shora remains available in the Derlini raids
  • Added additional damage tiers to Blue Dragon Guildbreaker and Giant Ambush guild raids

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with button tapping/clicks when trying to tap a button in a scrolling list
  • Fixed combat power naming on formation page
  • Fixed combat power on group instance lobby screen
  • Fixed misnamed medal on the ally page

Known Issues

  • Kartridge “verify install location” error
  • Android empty error popup issue

Update the app to access the new content. This can take some time to populate in the store for different areas of the world. Hang in there, we are excited too!

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