Patch Notes 6/11/19 (Ver 0.03.6)



  • Added a triggered tutorial to explain the “Clear” mechanic into the tutorial.
  • Added more guidance to the intro instance
  • Equipment item view will only show the stats the equipment has on it (not a list of zeroed out stats)
  • Equipment item view will show a comparison between selected item and equipped item using +/- the stat in question to show an increase or decrease between the two.
  • Province, territory, and town icons now have notification badges when there are quests available
  • The instance camera will now move towards next available nodes once a node is complete
  • Added Combat Power Level
    • Combat Power Level takes into consideration your highest formation, its allies and items, and the player stats and equipment
    • Combat Power Level can be found on your formation (This uses current equipment on player)
    • This number should better reflect your expected power in combat, and better line up with the recommended power on instances and quests
  • Updated flow for Join tiles if you are already in the instance


  • Added new side quests in Baird

Bug Fixes

  • Game now stalls to load assets instead of loading into a black screen
  • Fixed positioning of province nodes on the world map
  • Fixed layout of Ally Collection page to be left aligned
  • Fixed squished gem and gold images in popup window
  • 25% health penalty when retreating from a battle should now dock the proper amount of health
  • Formation page Ally art is no longer zoomed in oddly
  • Group instance summoner can no longer disband instance once started
  • Fixed an exploit where a player could solo 100% a group instance
  • Fixed group instances getting stuck in active tab
    • If you are still stuck please send in a support ticket and we will get everything cleared and unlocked)
  • Fixed players being allowed back into a group instance if they leave or are kicked
  • Updated Power Level to display correctly in several places (NOTE: no stats were changed just the background math updated. No one lost any power)

Known Issues

  • Combat Power Level is incorrect on group instance lobby screen
  • Combat Power Level is named Team PL on formation page

Update the app to access the new content. This can take some time to populate in the store for different areas of the world. Hang in there, we are excited too!