Patch Notes 5/30/19 (Ver 0.03.5)



  • Added sound effects for Ally abilities (more sfx planned in the future)
  • Added toast notifications when unlocking a new territory
  • Added the “Go Now” button to NPC Quest Tile
  • Ability description tiles can be tapped to close (previous had to tap away only)
  • Tapping “Clear” on combat ability bar produces a description explaining how to clear
  • “Clear” icon changed to a trash can to help identify what it does
  • Player Ability (move ability) now looks like the other ally abilities to help represent your presence in combat, and make it more clear how to use it
  • Reorganized UI for Character Create (Options are still the same)
  • Formation page should default to the top formations info
  • Daily Login rewards added:
    • Every day you log in you will receive you a reward
    • Possible rewards include Equipment, Potions, Gold, Gems and even medals for a daily login Ally, Ore the Dwarven Druid
    • This is an “endless” list, not a calendar. Meaning whenever you come back you will get the next item in the list, no matter how many days were in between, and rewards do not reset
    • Existing players will all be starting at day 1 once the system is live, future players will start on day 1 the day they start


  • Reorganized shop content layouts
  • Updated names/descriptions of some shop content to provide a clearer and more informative explanation of contents and functionality
  • Updated Player Ability (move ability) descriptions to clarify what the ability does
  • Updated the word “store” to “market” in the initial Arabella quest to clarify where the player should go
  • Updated group instance map icon to differentiate between solo and group instances

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed mail not immediately disappearing when deleting a message
  • Fixed “Enter Name” field on character create
  • Fixed hitbox area for Battle Log
  • Fixed hitbox area on stat descriptions for ally and player pages
  • Fixed Several Abilities that were not displaying correctly: Provoke, Faustus’ Bargain, Ironskin, Tullians’ Target, and Vampires Ball

Known Issues

  • Power Level is not being displayed correctly on the player profile

Update the app to access the new content. This can take some time to populate in the store for different areas of the world. Hang in there, we are excited too!