Patch Notes 5/16/19 (Ver 0.03.4)



  • Unowned Allies sorted by closest completed
  • Ally Training page UI added, but feature and item drops currently inaccessible. More on this feature soon!
  • Added tutorials to explain player move ability (bottom left corner of combat screen) and Ability Description Popup (New users only)
    • Player ability allows players to manipulate enemy positions on grid
    • Tapping an ability in Ally Profile or in combat displays a window with more information about the ability and its mechanics.
  • Updated Quest Indicator with a new asset.
  • Mail button should now have notification badge when you receive new mail.


  • Added Link to Forums in options menu
  • Added Link to Discord in options menu
  • Added more questing content (starts in Riverwall)
  • Added the Tor’gyyl world map & additional instance content!
    • You can now use the back button from a province map to travel to the world map
    • Province 2 (Derlini) and Province 3 (Berine) are in place, but still mostly locked.
    • Access to the first territory of province 2, East Derlini, is now unlocked if you have completed the Cruel Tides quest
    • Central Derlini can be accessed on completing the Pony Express quest
    • Derlini raids are now available once you have unlocked the province
    • A new group instance is available in each territory
    • These new and future solo instances use a new structure we call easy, normal, and hard paths. Upon entering a solo instance you will notice the paths have 3 different stamina costs. The lowest will be the easiest path, and the highest will be the hardest path.
      • NOTE: the difficulty difference in these paths is noticeable and it is expected you will need to get stronger to return and get that 100% completion reward.
  • Removed Community Loot from base raids (This will be used in the future for special events and/or World Raids)
  • Updated Medal icons for allies to not look so much like gold
  • Removed larger Stamina and Honor potions from the store since they are currently overkill
  • Updated visual effects on the following abilities:
    • All Out Brawl, Assassinate, Brambles, Bulwark, Crescendo, Defend, Diamond Edge, Eviscerate, Faustus’ Bargain, Gravecall, Impale, Killing Song, Life And Death, Rockslide, Shadeform, Snare, Sword of Light, Tireless Assault, Tulian’sTarget, Vampires Ball, Will of Karuss
  • Updated animations for raids
  • Organized layout of stats in Ally and Player profiles

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed name of Medals in shop packages from shards
  • Noble equipment set should now display art correctly
  • Noble equipment should no longer make character disappear
  • Fixed NPC Art not showing for some quest givers
  • Loading dialogue and quest information should no longer pop into place
  • Chat wasn’t making use of the windows space
  • Chat invite tiles no longer have squished images
  • Fixed friends list not scrolling properly
  • Fixed chat messages disappearing after accepting friend request
  • Pending friend request UI fixed to not hide behind other UI frames
  • Backing out of a raid from the map no longer produces black screen
  • Rewards button for guild instances correctly displays possible loot
  • Pass on loading content in a smoother fashion
  • Mail should now be sent out properly when sending to large amount of players
  • Fixed HUD randomly disappearing on territory and province maps


Update the app to access the new content. Keep an eye out in the Play Store for it!

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