Patch Notes 11/1/19 (Version 1.0.53)



  • Added a Fast Travel system!
    • Tap the name of the area you are on to bring out an accordian to quickly land where you want in the game
  • Reduced popup scales for standalone builds
  • Clearing a dead ally ability will now replace ability with a guaranteed living ally ability
  • Fullscreen mode now available for standalone platforms
  • Added a reduced animations graphical option in settings>graphics
  • Raid attacks are now clickable as well as swipeable
  • Standalone builds now have an “Esc” menu
  • Standalone now has mouse over tooltips on items
  • Standalone builds now have desktop friendly HUD

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that was causing enemies to attack all team members instead of the intended amount of attacks
  • Fixed an issue that caused taunting allies to take more attacks than intended
  • Fixed an issue causing “No Auth” error when purchasing
  • Fixed error login issue for chat
  • Campaign bosses no longer set unlock timer of formation to 12 hours
  • Fixed some bad messaging around character create name in use
  • Fixed issue with character create sometimes giving players “character is already customized” error
  • Fixed mouse over highlight states for standalone builds
  • Fixed back button on Android causing silent crashes

Update the app to access the new content. This can take some time to populate in the store for different areas of the world. Hang in there, we are excited too!