Patch Notes 10/21/19 (Version 1.0.51)



  • Added instance percentage complete to territory nodes
  • Fullscreen mode now available for standalone platforms
  • Daily Logins now accessible in the shop page to reduce popups and interruptions. Don’t forget to collect them!
  • Added badging to shop page to notify when Daily Logins are ready
  • Added summoner names to chat invite tiles
    • Old tiles will not update and will display as their summoner
  • Added click state to quest dialog to better indicate the selection
  • Improved error messages to better indicate the problem if something goes wrong

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed ally xp potions not always being consumed optimally
  • Reduced crashing on repetitive play loops
  • Campaign leaderboard fixed to “Top Guilds” instead of “Top Players”
  • Fixed an issue that would cause enemy info pop up to persist after death
  • Fixed selected tab state on multiple pages to intended visuals
  • Ally Exp Potion item tile no longer cut off in success screen
  • Fixed Kartridge sometimes reducing resolution on every startup

Update the app to access the new content. This can take some time to populate in the store for different areas of the world. Hang in there, we are excited too!