My Player level vs Power level


I was wondering if someone could help me… I have fellow guild members who are close to my level with a power level in the 2000’s and I am only at 440. How can I achieve this power level? What am I missing? Any suggestions to what I might be doing wrong?


Are you leveling your allies, yourself and equiping all with better gear as you get it? If you’re doing everything you should and still are behind, I’d report an error.

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Just note that what you see as your pl and what your mates see are 2 different numbers. When I click on my character profile is says I have a power level of 1906. When other players click on my name is has a total power level of 10584. Have one of them click on your name to see the total pl.

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Thanks so much! I am level 47 with a power level of 460. I will definitely have one of my guild members take a look for me!