Main Character


I have allocated equipment to my team first with leftover equipment given to my character as i am not sure what the benefit of equipping my character opposed to keeping the team alive in combat. OK I probably need to test it a bit more but would appreciate any comment.

Secondly, what are the benefits of increasing stats on your main character; what do they actually do. I have the magic to move the enemy but don’t do any damage so why increase physical damage stat?

Many thganks



Your characters stats and equipment values are calculated along side the ally stat and equipment values to determine your final combat stats. So whatever stats you are boosting on your character will make every one of your allies better in those same areas.


Does the gears wear out? I mean I remember equipping my character with the latest armor & weapons. But when I am about to upgrade, I find my character suddenly without equipped helmet, or pants. Does that qualify as a bug/s?


Equipment doesn’t wear out. You should still have the items somewhere. Is it possible the items were equipped to an ally instead of the main character?


I also thought about that. But if I’m right, if an item’s already equipped by your character, it won’t be available to the allies already. Right?


If the item is equipped elsewhere it shouldn’t be visible when equipping others.


Then we go back to my original question?