Living FAQ


Living FAQ

Please post any additional questions below and I will try to keep things updated.

Q: How do I get into the beta?
A: Our original closed beta is over and we will not be doing another. However we are up on androids open beta, but it is capped access that we open up slowly as we test new features and builds. We are also available on Kartridge and accessible to anyone there.

Q: Which platforms will this game be available on?
A: Plan as of now is to be on Android, iOS, and Kartridge. We are also considering other potential platforms like Steam.

Q: Will I be able to play on multiple platforms?
A: unfortunately I don’t have a good answer for this as of yet but I will update as soon as I know more.

Q: What does the clear do in combat? OR
Q: How do I get rid of abilities with a skull on them?
A: When an ally dies their abilities become unusable but can still be put into an active slot, dragging this ability to the clear will replace it with a new ability from the ability pool at the cost of a turn. Yes it is possible to draw another dead ability.

Q: What does the player’s stats do?
A: The player character’s core stats (Strength, Toughness, Spirit, and Will) are used along with the ally stats to determine your combat stats. Think of it as a passive increase for all your allies, the stronger your player character becomes, the stronger all of your allies will be?

Q: Where should I spend my Stat Points?
A: This is more of a subjective answer. Increasing your Strength and Will will add damage, Increasing your Toughness and Spirit increases your defenses. You will also want to see what stats your allies are using to help make this decision.

Q: It seems like offence is better than defense why should use any defense?
A: This is always one strategy and results may vary. Our goal is that you want a balanced team to get through encounters, and this is something we will be watching and tweaking as the game progresses. We want each ally to have value.

Q: How does raid damage work?
A: Raid damage is calculated from the power levels of your top 10 allies. Having more than 10 does not increase raid power but does affect other features.

Q: What does each stat do?
A: Stats can be tapped on in the player profile for information on that stat. But since you are here:

A measure of your physical attack power. Countered by enemy Toughness.

A measure of your Physical defenses. Used to counter enemies Strength.

A measure of your magical attack power. Countered by enemy Spirit.

A measure of your Magical defenses. Used to counter enemies Will.

The amount of damage you can take before falling unconscious in battle.

Determines how likely you are to have critical hits or glancing attacks vs opponents luck.

A measure of your ability to bypass opponents Toughness.

A measure of your ability to bypass opponents Spirit.

Critical Chance
Increases your base chance to critically hit.

Critical Severity
Increases the amount of damage you do on a critical hit.

Critical Mitigation
Reduces the damage you take from an opponent’s critical hit.

Glance Chance
Increases your base chance for opponents to glance against you.

Glance Severity
Increases the damage reduction on a glance attack against you.

Glance Mitigation
Increases the damage you do when glancing against an opponent.

Q: Is there more X coming soon?
A: YES! “Soon” there is only a portion of the content in currently, we have more Provinces, territories, raids, instances, allies, equipment, formations, and features coming in before we are officially launched. Plus we do plan on supporting this game with more stuff over time like we have for our other games.

Q: Why was X was changed/nerfed/buffed?
A: We are still early in the beta and will be making lots of adjustments to drop rates, balance passes, economy and everything else in the game as we fine tune our numbers. Once we have the forums up there should be a more reliable source of patch notes to see these changes are.


Q: Power Level?
A: So we have seeing lots of confusion on this and want to try and clear it up. Power Level is simple formula we apply to the player, allies, and equipment to give you a rough indication of how “strong” something is compared to something else. This is so you can quickly tell that a 65 PL item is probably “better” than a 42 PL item. It is pretty straightforward here, but does become more complicated deeper in.

Power Level favors offensive stats, meaning Strength and Will have a bigger impact on PL than Toughness and Spirit. However PL only uses the offensive stat that is higher, either Str or Will, in the calculation. This is primarily because of allies, Someone like Chase Tullian who uses all Physical attacks and would receive no bonus from Will, so it does not get counted towards his PL. We realize this has caused some confusion when it comes to the player specifically. As once your str or will is higher you no longer see a PL gain from the other stat. Both stats still matter for allies, and will get to that more in the next question.

Additionally Power Level is an indicator of all stats not just the offensive ones. You still need to look at what stats your Ally uses (str or will) for damage, to increase their damage. For example Arabella will see a bigger damage increase from a PL 15 Assassin piece than a PL 95 Ranger piece. Because The Assassin set has offensive stats and the Ranger set only has Defensive stats.

During normal grid combat the actual power level means nothing, it is the stats themselves that are used to determine results. Your Strength vs enemies toughness, your Will vs enemies Spirit. PL is just a guideline for you to be able to make quick choices. This is different in raid combat where just Power Level of your top 10 allies is used and this is so that your dps, tanks, and supports can all help you without making something an additional group management specifically for raids.

Q: What does my character do in combat?
A: So this was already in the FAQ about the stats but want to go a bit deeper. Thematically your character server as a leader to the party. This is represented in the game 2 ways currently. First is the stats share. The player character’s core stats (Strength, Toughness, Will, and Spirit) Including equipment are used along with each individual allies stats to determine their final offensive and defensive stats in combat. (At the time of this writing this is not visualized in game anywhere, but fixes should be in the works)

So for example if you use Anton’s Smite ability and note the actual damage done. Then quit the instance, equip a strength boosting piece of equipment on the player, You would see a damage increase against that same enemy next time. (Keep in mind here that different enemies have different defences and will take different damage, so it’s really only clear on the same enemy). The important part here is that all stats apply top all allies, so adding Strength only would mean your magic using allies never get any stronger.

The second feature used by the player is the move ability, this represents your players unique ability to manipulate the battlefield. Starting off this is only simple 1 square movements, but it will get more interesting once we finish getting the feature in :slight_smile: We might have some other stuff tied to the player in the future, but this is all for now. Hopefully it clears things up a bit.


What plans you have for crafting ? When to expect it?


We currently have no plans for crafting, but we do love crafting systems, so it could come to the game in the future.