Lastest update wiped out my character forced to make a replacement


![Screenshot_20190517- 153410|690x388] (upload://rX7XHKSU2d5hDJUZFvI0VO19dHj.jpeg)



Hey Lemons you are in the same guild I am in. I hope you get your account fixed. I will let people know in the guild chat.


Hi Lemons,

Sorry to hear about your character. If you message support through the in-game settings option they can help you get your character back. Before doing that, can you make sure you are logged into Google Play before entering the game. Your account should be saved through their cloud system. If you just logged into Google Play for the first time and had a new character, our support can swap the character around for you. Just provide them with as much info about your character as possible (PlayerID, Character Name, Guild Name).


when logging in with google acc was first added i had the same thing i put in a ticket and it was resolved in less than 24hrs