Is it better to use a smaller formation?


Glad to be back on a 5PG game. I was on the player council for Legacy of Heroes, but that was ages ago.

I’m curious, from a strategy perspective. I just got my third hero, and switched formations. However, Arabella’s attacks still do way more damage than either of my other heroes, and with 3 in the formation her attacks come up less often. It seems like I’m more effective if I use a smaller formation so she can act more often. Is this the intent of the design, or just an issue balancing the power level of characters?

I realize we’re in Beta, so I’m hoping something changes to make me want to use larger formations.

For the record, I’m playing on Kartridge.


This will vary depending on which allies you are using. but you will reach a point where the smaller formations just wont be able to survive and you will need the additional body and health they bring.

That being said most likely Bajeel was your 3rd, which is a tanky character. We chose this originally to help you survive that content, but it does slow the game down a bit. In an upcoming patch we will swap her out for someone with more attack based abilities which should make that feel better.


At the moment, the negatives of having a 3rd party member somewhat outweigh the benefits, at least with Anton, Arabella, and Chaddeus.


What is the very purpose of equipping my player w/ the greatest gears, if all he does during battle is move the enemies like chess?


all he does during battle is move the enemies like chess?

Shuffleboard! :joy:

You’re character’s gear factors in two ways. First, you do more raid damage by giving your PC great gear. Second, your gear stats filter down to your allies within your formation. The Devs haven’t explained exactly how that works, but as I understand it, your PC should always get the best gear since it benefits the entire formation.

BTW, I’m just finishing work on a video showing how all this works in regards to raids. It has to upload to YouTube and then if the Devs are OK with it, I’ll put a link here later. It is titled, “Five Tips to Improve Your Raid Damage”.


Thanks Astro. You’re a big help. I will surely check out that video.

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