Group Instances


It is a pain to keep spamming world chat with a link to your instance… and after 3 hours, you still need 1 more person to join. I would love to see a public page the way it is set up in DotD so we know which instances need peeps and which instances are full / completed already. Right now I feel like nobody watches global chat or I am stuck on a server with no users logged in :confused:


Yeah, and once you activate the Group Instance, you can’t advertise it any more. This is something that needs improving for sure.

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Another thing about group instances, there should be a group chat. (Sorry if that’s already there, haven’t done them in a while now cuz of the setup.) XD Also, the boss shouldn’t be killable until all members are in the boss node. Or limit hits to 1 until all are present… Killing off the boss before all are there defeats the whole aim of the group instance since it can’t be completed unless all reach (and hit?) the boss node.

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You can chat before you start it, but after you start it, nothing. So I agree that we should not only be able to advertise a Group Instance once it is going, but the internal chat for it should be active until it is over.

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