Generel suggestions and bugs


Hi there,
I’m new to the game and have noted down a few bugs and suggestions. Hoepfully you can look into it. All smaller things :slight_smile:

  1. When finishing an instance/quest and getting loot, put a frame around the item icon and only on mouse over the item itself show its atrributes. When going through the loot now with scroll its difficult to get an overview as you get the tooltip showing above all the loot all the time.
  2. In an instance, when entering an allies screen to get potions etc, you are not able to move when you get back. Just states you cant move to that node. Only way i’e been able to get through this bug is by pausing the instance and go back into it.
  3. When pausing an instance, have an indicator on the instance/instances you are in so you can easier find where you are.
  4. When going from step to step in an instance, have a delay of the update of the amount of XP/gold to happen after the animation. As of now you dont see it unless you look up on the topmenu before you start the movement.
  5. In the guild hall when checking the leaderboards etc, you cant see the last position. The buttons are on top of it.
  6. When inviting to instances via any of the chats, add a timestamp to the invite. Alternatively update when its full or completed.

Invite to Guild Raids gets buried if guild chat is very progressive. Please make it sticky or floating or add ability to post invite again.