Feedback or complaining, you decide!


Hi there I’ve been a player of Dawn for years and I was wondering if you would consider returning to the old Energy, Stamina and Honour bars? Having to choose between questing and hitting a raid is kind of a let down.

What I have noticed is the grind seems to be a little heavy for the beginning of the game and the lack of a bazaar like we had in DOTD is sorely missed.

Legions, generals and troops also seem to be a thing of the past which im quite saddened over as I loved collecting as many as I could.

I dont want to seem negative but I do quite like the game just hoping you dont move to far away from what at least to me made the game pretty enjoyable.


Hey Glen,
Things are different but still floating around.
We did remove one of the bars, only because 3 seemed unnecessary with our new systems. We reduced the importance of raiding pretty significantly, the focus is more on group instances and working together with the community. I know this is a big shift, but it makes more sense for the systems we have here.

Bazaar has become market, and has your basic needs, and will have some more stuff in it in the future. (Remember we are still very much beta testing) But if there was something more specific you were missing please let us know.

Legions are formations, basically the same concept. (Formations with bonuses and more interesting restrictions will be in the future) Troops are gone yes, but the Generals and allies fill similar roles. Collecting and building your team of allies is an important part of the game.

We worked hard and thought a lot about keeping the spirit of Dawn 1 while making a newer game for a newer market. That means things had to change and evolve. All that being said thank you for the feedback. We want to make the best product we can!


Thanks for the reply

The bazaar let us buy basic gear, magic, troops and SELL haha! not tryin to be a dink but gold seems to be a wee bit more important here and with the new tiers of gear ratings (J, C, U, etc) can we not sell or breakdown our junk? (unless I completely missed this which is entirely possible)

And the current market as far as I know only lets you buy a random loot box, can we get some direct buys like we used to get? Remember when we used unlock new gear and stuff when we got to a new zone?

And crafting! My lord how can we play Dawn without scouring West Karuna for crafting components! It’s a travesty haha. don’t get me wrong I like the game but there are a few things I hope don’t get forgotten.

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