Error Code 4


First of all I wanna say thank you for that awesome game.

So my suggestion is if possible can you add a “leave” or “disband party” button to the active raids screen.

Currently Im stuck for days in a completed guild raid which won’t let me complete it because Im getting an error with the description "There was an error loading the instance: Player has already looted this instance. (code: 4).

The allies deployed in that raid are unable to join any other raid/quest.

Clearing the game cache or reinstalling did not help. So maybe a disbanding party button might work?

Best regards


I’m having the same problem with a group instance. I put in a support ticket and sent them some screenshots so I know they’re working on it. I’d recommend doing the same if you haven’t already. Both to get them more data on the bug to prevent it and to get you unlocked.


You will likely have to just back out of the instance that way you can use those allies again, just remember the game is in beta still and there will be a few things which need a bit of work. But yes for that issue you might have to just cut your losses and retreat from the instance.


Thanks for the suggestions but neither of those work because due to the error it won’t let me join the instance map. So I cannot simply withdraw the raid. Anyways it is a alpha/beta build so I will just create another character and try to find other bugs/issues what so ever.


Hi Kraitos and Batholemew,

This issue is on our radar and we have been looking into a fix. Unfortunately you will have to submit a support ticket in game with your info so they can help you out. Please give us as much info as you can including instance name, playerID, Guild Name, etc. This can help us track down the problem. We should also be able to help unlock your characters from the instance and “force” it into a closed state.