Dawn of the Dragons: Ascension shutting down


Unfortunately I have bad news, Dawn of the Dragons: Ascension will be closing down later today. I do not know what the future holds for the game, but please know that your support and care for this game has been greatly appreciated by the development team, we put a lot of time and love in to this game. Take care everyone.

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Thank you for the time and effort you guys put into it. I am iOS and didn’t get much play time, but I loved it! :two_hearts::cry:

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It was fun. Please come back soon.

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Thanks for the zero notice. Exactly what should be expected from hugo games under the guise of 5pg. You need to just get out all together and stop using those DOTD addicted players for every drop you can get. You don’t deserve respect from players for the simple fact you yourself know this is what is happening. You should be informing players to stop spending but you haven’t which shows your support in this deception. Only addicts would believe your intentions were or are beneficial to the players still in the game. Speak out and be honest to those still funding DOTD in their false hopes to keep the game active. You should be ashamed of yourself.


Felendis stated in another message that he had only just found out himself.


Thanks for the game. Enjoyed it. Game with lots of potential in my opinion. A shame not enough people discovered it. I really believe it had potential. Best of luck.


Felendis isn’t “hugo games under the guise of 5pg”. He’s real, OG 5PG (literally one of the two original founders or whatever, right?), and 5PG seems to have been weirdly victimized by Hugo (Idk, I’ve only heard like third-hand rumors, and they’re vague about what Hugo’s alleged crimes actually are). He didn’t know in advance that this was happening, and I’ve also seen weird rumors about everyone from OG 5PG, and/or everyone currently working on pre-Hugo 5PG projects, getting let go. Maybe that’s just the not-uncommon practice of dropping people when you drop the projects that they’re on. It’s unfortunate, but not inherently evil. What these extra rumors do mean, if any of them are true, is that it’s even more obvious that Felendis was not part of the decisions to kill these games, and he’s not the one who deserves this name-calling for the lack of notice.


I had no idea that DotD:A was also shutting down. I thought its existence was indirectly part of the decision to shut down Dawn. This, coupled with rumors about firing everyone from the department(s), or studio(s) or whatever that used to be the original 5PG, is intriguing.

It might still be normal industry stuff. Companies shutter individual locations and subsidiaries all the time. I didn’t realize until yesterday that DotD:A could be played in a browser on Kongregate or whatever, so maybe DotD:A is also Flash-based, and 5th Hugo Games (Hugo Planet Games?) is just dropping a Flash-based studio and its Flash-based assets?

Or something else. But it seems like these shutdowns are part of a bigger restructuring, and presenting them as individual events is just confusing. Plus, with this seemingly widespread hatred of Planet Hugo (but the angriest people are usually the loudest ones, so maybe this weird narrative of Hugo as Sauron is just like 5 people from the DotD community and no one from other communities), it seems like people will say that presenting the shutdowns as natural, individual ends to games’ lifecycles (which definitely seems plausible with OG Dawn) is actually a scheme to conceal a bigger heinous plan?

Idk. I know I personally would love some context, and I suspect even a mundane and sad explanation might stop some of the angry whispers. For example, if it is just like “Flash is dead, so we killed the Flash teams,” that’s not exactly adding good news to the bad news. But if there is mass resentment toward Hugo Planet Games, or just a sprinkling of agitators trying to sow dissent, filling in the blanks might prevent people from making up their own conspiracy theories.

Edit: It does seem that more context has already been provided in official statements than I had seen.