Community Damage Rewards


I am curious to know that if they are given to all participants or are certain personal damage tiers required for community rewards. Thank you.


Community tiers are given to all participants


It looks like i didn’t get any rewards, in the just concluded guild raid, considering I’m one of the top hitters?


And then again, Sea Serpent just concluded. No notification on what I got from this raid?


Currently there isn’t any community loot for guild raids. The community damage rewards mentioned earlier in this thread were for the Sir Bertram world raid that completed earlier today.


There’s this message in my message inbox today, giving me rewards. It’s just not clear as from what raid that these rewards came from. Message’s even disposable. You can never go back to review it.


Most raids don’t have community loot. Look at the reward tab, there’s a tab for community loot. All other raid loot is gained when you hit whatever tier.

Sir bertam was one. Sea servant, bog bodies, etc don’t have any.

It would be nice though if rewards gained were a little clearer.