Can't enter combat nodes in latest build


In the 5/30 build, combat nodes during questing are no longer doable. I can go through the non-combat nodes fine, the problem is on the combat loading screen (w/ Solus flapping his wings). The loading bar gets about 95% full and then just stops. I have to quit out and re-launch the program. When the game reloads I get a message that says “A battle has been automatically lost in (whatever zone I’m currently in).”

I tried it in multiple quest zones, seems to happen everywhere. Raids work fine, though, so I’ll stick to those for the time being.

The rest of the update looks cool so far, I like that the group instances are obvious now.

Oh yeah, playing on Kartridge.


Hey Ninja,

Can you tell me which Allies you are using? We think we know what the issue is, but need a few specifics to help us nail down all the issues (could be a couple things). If you have multiple allies, try swapping some out and seeing if that helps. That could help you get into combat for the time being.


I’m using Bajeel, Anton and Arabella. I’ll try going back to Dynamic Duo to see if that works.

Edit: Nope, still stuck. So if an ally is the problem it’s Anton or Arabella.


We put out a hotfix for it. Kartridge should have an update that will fix that.


Thanks, Tails. Not seeing an update yet, version 0.3.5 is still the newest available, but I’ll keep an eye out for it.

How long do they usually take to make an update available?


I’ve still got nothing, no option to update on Kartridge. I’ve quit out of the game and Kartridge multiple times, but it still says that 0.3.5 is the newest version available. And combat still freezes for me.

Could it be because I’m on a Mac? I don’t know if there’s a version difference for the different platforms.

Would it be worth a try to uninstall and reinstall? Is there any risk that I’ll lose my character, even temporarily, if I try that?


Hey Ninja!

Sorry for such a late fix. You should now have an update that allows you to enter combat nodes again.


Working great now, thanks for the fix!


Working great now, thanks for the fix!