Burdensome Beasts Problem


I don’t know why, but the Burdensome Beasts quest/fight seems broken. So far, my 1700+ power party isn’t having any problems in West Baird. But for Burdensome Beasts quest (Longport Outskirts), the enemies take massively reduced damage, but are hitting for insane amounts of damage. The first fight ALWAYS sees me with 1-2 dead ally characters. This isn’t the case for other fights in West Baird.

Update: I’m level 41 and have worked hard on my party. I burned the only two healing potions I had, but could only get half way through. It is insane that this fight is so much insanely harder than any other fight in West Baird.

Update #2: OK, I still say this quest is grossly too hard for the area. But the only way to get through is to not go in with a party of three since that results in all enemies hitting you three times if you taunt. I was able to squeak through with Dynamic Duo, using Anton and Arabella. That makes zero sense. A stronger party with way more CP than the enemy shouldn’t gets spanked while a weaker party is able to get through.