BUG? Support Link Not Working


In game using the SUPPORT option in settings - filled out complete form - SUBMIT button does nothing - only ‘X’ works


Hi Timult,

What platform are you playing on? This will help us find the issue easier.


Kong’s Kartridge


Seems a Kartridge specific problem so far. I have a bug submitted to tech to fix for our next build. Thank you for taking the time to find another outlet to report this issue!


Are you on a Windows PC?


yes - Win 10 Home


Just retested to see if this works with the new Kartridge version 0.5.2 and game version 1.0.4 - nope not working


I have the same issue using Facebook Gameroom.


me too. Bought a starter pack paid but nothing happened.


While we work on fixing the in game support link you can use the following email. Please include your Player ID and Character Name in the email. support@5thplanetgames.zendesk.com


Same here. Tried to report that I’m stuck in the 1st map of campaign but the support function doesn’t work.


You should be able to email our support as we fix the in game link. You can email them at support@5thplanetgames.zendesk.com

Please include your PlayerID and Character Name.

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didn’t work request (100906).