Balance issue?


In the West Baird area I can beat all of the instances (I’ve even gotten them to 100%) without too much trouble but for some reason in Longport Outskirts I can’t make it past two fights. This seems like a very drastic difficulty jump, especially for being in the same area as much easier fights. It might be worth taking a look at when you have time because I at least am completely stalled when it comes to playing the story because of this. I’m around level 30 and have equiped the best gear I’ve gotten and leveled my characters to 15+ but I just cannot beat this one.


That’s what I complained about in this thread.

Unfortunately, going in with a party of 2 (Dynamic Duo formation) was the only way I was able to squeak through.


I was pretty close to beating it that way after I found your thread but my allies took too much of a beating in the early battles and I only had two of the weakest recovery potions. If I were more cynical I’d say that that’s the point where it becomes pay to win but it feels more like a mistake.


Considering no other battle in the territory is that tough, I think it is a mistake. I think I was level 40 before I cleared it.


That’s about what I was thinking. I hope they fix it soon so I don’t have to grind forever to get past it. I don’t have the money to buy my way past with potions.


We are looking into several balance changes for Province 1 quests and and instances.