Attacks from dead allies


When one of your allies dies in battle, it becomes nearly impossible to function as their attacks fill up all four slots, and you spend your turns doing nothing but removing unusable attacks.

I realize just removing the dead character’s attacks from the sequence would allow you to use just one character’s attacks non stop… which could be too powerful. But, what if you put a limit on it… like, if you remove a dead character’s attack it will be replaced by one for a character who’s not dead - that way you at least get to attack every other turn. Or when you’re getting a new attack, it won’t add one from a dead character if there’s already an attack queued for that character.

Game looks promising though. I’m excited to see how it progresses. And I’m enjoying being in on another 5PG game so early… brings back memories of my Legacy of Heroes days.


It is still something we are looking at. As you observed removing the dead abilities causes a bigger balance concern. But bad rng can cause this to be a very painful experience.

No planned changes as of yet, but we are aware it can be a bad experience as it is.

There are also the instance heals and revives designed to help keep your allies up so you dont have to deal with with the dead cards.


The instance health and revive potions seem expensive for what you get in return. The cheapest revive potion costs 240 gems which comes out to $4 US. Doesn’t seem worth my money.