AstroNerdboy's Game Feedback


I’m an old player of DotD when it was on Facebook. I quit for whatever reasons, but later returned to toy around with the mobile version for a month or so before quitting that. (It was not as good as the FB version.)

That said, when I found out about DotD:A, I was interested. I’ve created three play through videos, documenting the experience of someone with knowledge of the old game. But it should provide an insight into how new players experience the game. And I do vocalize things I don’t like in the game.

That said, DotD:A has great potential. Obviously the game is still being heavily worked on, so I understand there being a lot of bugs and things to work through.

Still, I do think there needs to be a much better tutorial system. Had I not been previously experienced with DotD, I think elements of this game would have really frustrated me to the point of quitting.

For example, when you go into formations, you may not know what the different icons represent for the restrictions. I think when you click “Info,” the fours hero categories should be spelled out again.

During combat, I hated that a final blow didn’t have the damage number scroll up. I want to see that.

In raids, I was frustrated because I didn’t know when you got tier-based loot. There was nothing indicating that I got the loot. Yes, there was a notice that I reached a tier, but as far as I knew, you got the tier loot when the raid ended, not immediately. (And in one of the videos, I actually take the time to calculate my gold to discover that you get the tier loot immediately.)

Group Instances (which I’m going to have a video on after I can edit it together) needs more explanation for a new player. And there needs to be a way to advertise it after it has been ordered, if needed. Or some place to find active group instances.

Anyway, I could go on, but if folks can stomach my videos (I get a bit silly at times due to lack of sleep), I spell it out there. But as I said, the game has potential for sure.

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Thank you so much for the feedback! Schnzy and I have a lot of meetings this week but we will make time to watch your video. Again thank you so much for putting in the effort to make videos an write out your feedback, we really appreciate it.


BTW, I apologize for constantly butchering “5th Planet.” :sweat_smile: